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If you suddenly want your home to feel afresh and give it a change of look, generally you might step into an interior designer’s office. The next thing that happens is that you get slapped on with a huge bill which is mostly not even necessary as they might want to change every small thing just because of the current trend. They won’t be able to gauge what you want and often times it is a smarter move to do these things with your own judgement. Here’s 8 simple things that you can do. 

Addition of mouldings

Decorative mouldings add that oomph to the home that any other accessory fails to achieve. Adding a completely new thing might be hard on the budget but if you had a basic moulding, try customizing and detailing it to make it look really great.

Modernistic slim sofas

Try a low back, modern sofa but you may feel the inability of being comfortable in it. Don’t throw away the entire thing but instead try using bigger cushions with interesting prints. This will make it not just look interesting but also comfortable.

Petite curtains

Curtains are much like blazer sleeves. Neither can they be very small nor very long as both destroy the overall look of the room. Buying them as a pack can save some cash, but they also need some sewing work to make them look great. This should never be avoided.

Outdated lampshades

Adding a funky lampshade makes that old lamp glow up, literally. Without a good lamp shade, the value of the lamp base reduces and could very well become a hand me down. However beautiful the lamp base is, it needs to be complemented by an equally cool lampshade.

Tiny picture frames

We generally put all those memories and pictures in a stuffed album or scrapbook but bringing them out in the living room using a good but inexpensive picture frame makes a huge difference. Now, all those memories which were gathering dust, come out into the open and make your living room into a gallery.

Simple beds

Very simple additions like that of a headboard gives a complete facelift to a simple bed frame. It catches the eye, feels much more comfortable and adds that extra dash of style to the bedroom. DIY is possible in these arenas as it isn’t much hard work and a different shade of paint also makes it look great.

Linen Selection

Really high end bedrooms are well equipped with thick pillows which look cosy and feel better. Interesting and different types of colour combinations can be tried out and also various textures can be achieved by using an experimenting with different materials.

Mirror finishing

Adding strips of moulding where a mirror does not end at a natural point, would save it from looking unfinished. Getting this done isn’t very expensive and there is also a possibility of doing it by yourself.