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  1. Choose your palette

If you’re looking to go for a complete makeover, experts say that before you design anything, it is important to choose, your colour scheme for the whole house. Once that is out of the way, then you can play with colours matching them to the essence of the room.

  1. How tall?

The true aesthetics of a house is brought out by the vertical height that is present, most people focus on what they can see, but the secret lies in what is not seen. So adding a tall mirror or a big plant can make all the difference. Also remember these two words while going furniture shopping, “low strung”.

  1. Show off

People believe that they need to tone down on showing off their antiques and unique pieces, but the beauty lies in showing off your investments by making them a part of your household.


  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Mirrors can truly bring out the essence of a room, so invest in structured mirrors for any room that you wish to brighten up. But keep in mind to not go overboard with a commercial mirror, so be subtle about things.

  1. Go for it

A lot of young parents who are renovating their houses, stay away from getting a good sofa because they are afraid of what the kids would do to it. But experts suggest that a good sofa can go a long way to make your home look wholesome. There are some great sofas on the market that are kid-friendly and can be easily cleaned. But if you’re still looking to make it fashionable then go for cushions with designer fabric that can complement the sofa.

  1. Go Deep

Most houses have really small living rooms that can end up look really cramped, so experts suggest that having furniture that go deep instead of big overall can make all the difference. These types of furniture give you a lot of room to work with and also give the room more space to work with.

  1. The sparkles

What most people think while renovating is that every surface needs to be smooth and polished, but that really is not the case. The cost that goes into smoothening out rough surfaces is huge. Also, people are losing out on the sparkles that irregular surfaces make.

  1. Look up

Make sure to paint the ceiling just a tad bit lighter than the walls to give you the impression that the room is brighter and larger than it actually is.

  1. Mix it up

Most people feel the need to match their décor with their kitchenware and so on. But doing that is so old school and expensive, learn to mix things up by getting stuff that complements each other.

  1. Play around

The most important thing about redecorating the house is to let loose and play around. So go for those big colours if you think it feels right, or get a bunch of pillows to feel luxurious. Remember you’re renovating a home and not some ad campaign for a lifestyle magazine.