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There is nothing as great as in transforming a junk into a usable stuff.  These ideas listed below are going to greatly help the mom’s out there who are looking forward to transforming the look of their house and keep themselves creatively occupied. However, we need not have to educate moms about the concept DIY. Moms have the ability to transform the random trash into a usable product. So we are only trying to connect and share ideas that can reduce the thinking process.

Cardboard Stool

Plastic bottle Greenhouse:

Plastic bottles are no more a non-bio degradable trash. Of course, there is a technology that turns them into biodegradable even today, but they aren’t trashing anymore. You can save all these bottles and build a greenhouse to grow plants and stay organic. By doing so, you are finding a way to protect plants, and at the same time, you are preventing the earth from the hazards of dumping plastic.

Cardboard Stool:

You need an introduction neither for cardboard nor for a stool. But a cardboard stool is something that you need to know about. All you need to make a cardboard stool is few sheets of cardboard, a compass, a box cutter and a straight edge. Make the cardboard into pieces and patch them up with glue. Surprisingly the result is sturdy, and this homemade tool can withstand someone as heavy as 200lbs. It is not going to collapse as long as you don’t tilt or jolt.

Plastic Bag Crochet:

This again is one DIY idea that has something to do with plastic. Get all the plastic bags that you have been saving and turn them into yarns that are cut them into pieces that can be used for crocheting. Once you have the plastic yarn, you can start crocheting. Here all that you have to know is crocheting. You can simply turn them any usable product that is going to be durable for a long time.

Head-Board Bench from Scraps:

The transformation might seem a little big DIY, but the fact is that you are simply dismantling an old cot and turning it into a bench that is nothing less than a modern couch. No matter how your house looks, this couch is going to compliment both a conventional look and contemporary look.  All you need are few bolts and old headboards. Fix the ends and gets an inexpensive cushion. This transforms the scrap into a brand new couch.

The idea behind Going-Green:

The idea behind ‘Going-Green‘ is very simple. You are trying to be a little nice to earth, a small contribution that can protect it from possible catastrophe. By going green, you are also leaving a better place for the future generation. So as far as possible try to tap natural sources and make your house a better space to live.