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Here are the top 10 blogs that you can follow on a regular basis to redesign your house and give it a whole new look. The blogs are in no particular order, and no two blogs cater to the same demand, so we personally recommend that you give all the 10 blogs a quick glimpse.

Interior Designer

Amber Interiors:

This website is taken care by Its CEO, Amber Lewis. She began this website with an aim to reach out to commoners who are looking for classy home renovation ideas. Travelling a long way off, they are now catering to the needs of a much larger population. Right from fine architectural details to the selection of the right furniture they take care of everything.

Coco Kelley:

If you are located in that part of the earth where the sun is lousy for the major portion of the year, you thoroughly enjoy summer. You fall in love with the tropical climate that when summer fades, you are depressed. Now with the help of this website give your house a tropical look and retain the sunshine forever.


Eyeswoon is one place where you can find all contemporary interior designs. Their motto is to turn an ordinary space into a feast for eyes. The best thing about following this blog is that you stay connected with many other potential bloggers who are really good at what they are doing.

Old Brand New:

Dabito is the founder and the creative director of the Old New Brand. He owns a creative studio that specializes in the design, art direction, branding, and photography. One that you know, what they are capable of, interior decoration is just a piece of cake. Visit Old Brand New and get inspired to become a professional interior designer.

Coco Lapine Design:

Coco Lapine Design is a website created by A Belgian designer, Sarah.  With few simple additions and deletions, you can give your house a vintage look that will steal the hearts of the visitors and family members alike.

Savvy home:

For all those who love to give your house a coastal touch that makes you feel the chillness running down the spine, Savvyhome is probably something that you are looking for. With a mixture of traditional and trendy designs, you can give your house a whole new look.

Lark & Linen:

Lark & Linen is owned by Jacquelyn Clark who has a larger than life size exposure to creative interior designing. She works on a simple concept, ‘a well- designed space should never be a dream, but totally be livable, usable and totally yours. So with Lark & Linen turn all your dreams into reality.

Wit + Delight:

With more than 9 years of experience in the design industry, Kate Arends is the creative and multitasking marketing consultant running the show in Wit + Delight. A high-end product doesn’t mean that you have got the right thing. This website tells you how to how to avoid high-end products and choose what is necessary for your shelter.

Apartment 34:

Sometimes you might not be looking for something that would change the look of the house forever. You might need ideas for turning your house around for a birthday party or any other event similar in nature. Now that you have ‘Apartment 34’ you need not have to panic. Get interior designing ideas instantly.

Style by Emily Henderson:

When you feel perfection is boring, and you are looking forward to getting weird, then this is the right place. Emily Henderson, a stylist, and a television personality takes care of this blog. Her designs and ideas will inspire any person to get out of the mundane ideas and try something new. Her ideas give the room a vibrant appearance that makes the house more livable.